4 keys to retain your donnors

Connecting with a new donor is incredible: a new person believes in your work and the cause you support. Now, the next step is to maintain their support in the long term.

Lasting relationships with recurrent donnors

Retaining donors is key to building lasting relationships and securing recurring allies. It’s not just about the funds but the support they provide to your organization.

Additionally, it’s more effective to keep current donors than to find new ones: they already know you, they’ve seen your work. Now, keep showing the impact you’re making.

How Do I Retain My Donors?

We asked three Propelers their secrets to retaining their donors. Here are their responses:

1. Map Your Donors

Identify who has donated to your cause and how often they do so. This will help you know with whom to maintain the relationship, who has distanced themselves, and who could be potential donors.

You can use integrated digital tools that connect your social networks and CRM. For example, Zoho can help you have a more efficient multichannel strategy.

2. Create Systems and Processes

Organize your communications, donations, finances, and human resources into planned workflows. For example, Adriana from TeenSmart has a differentiated loyalty program for small, medium, and large donors. Each group has its own strategy, process, and flow.

You can start with a CRM and then move on to other tools like Mailmeteor.

3. Maintain Close and Trustworthy Relationships

Build a meaningful connection with your donors, beyond the amount of their contribution. For Diego from LALA, the key is to deliver on promises and share impact and progress reports.

This will help build trust and keep donors committed to your cause.

4. Communicate the Impact and Excite Them

Eliana from Más por TIC uses stories and anecdotes to keep her donors informed. It’s not all about graphs; the key is to combine quantitative with qualitative and complement with other formats.

Use tools like calls, WhatsApp, and newsletters to share your achievements and challenges with your donors.

With these recommendations, you can start your journey to retain your donors and strengthen your fundraising strategies.

For new donors, you can enhance your applications for new grants with GrantBot here.

Written by Alexandra Guerra.