Connecting in community at the Propel Nights Perú

Social leaders tend to be on the go all the time. That's why we aim to create spaces of connection through vulnerability and authenticity to empower them in community.

Peru's Community at the Propel Nights

At Propel Nights, we bring together over 20 Peruvian fellows from all cohorts of our Propel Fellowship under the concept of "boosting each other in community." Amid pizzas and summer reds, we share the human realities of social leadership.

Activities like "Inspiring Stories" and "Leadership Circles" provided an open space for our Propelers to share their biggest challenges of 2024 and gain unique perspectives and valuable resources to overcome them.

Leadership Circles at Propel Nights Perú

Every moment was filled with the essence of Propel: creating a safe environment where leaders could grow professionally and personally. After the event, Diego Valdeiglesias from PUCA shared:

"Thank you for your energy, hugs, smiles, and for empathizing with my vulnerability. I loved opening up and sharing. It's a different day thanks to the community and Propel."

Propel Nights Peru was more than just one evening. We seek to build a community where leaders feel accompanied and encouraged to look beyond. It's a reminder that although the path of social entrepreneurship can be lonely, together we can find strength and support.

To be part of this incredible community, join the waitlist for our Fellowship here.

Written by Alexandra Guerra with support from ChatGPT.