How to boost your newsletter?

A newsletter is a powerful opportunity to inform about your impact and unite your community. But people receive thousands of emails a day —what sets you apart?

Boost your newsletter

From the beginning of the Propel newsletter, when our only subscribers were our mom, friends, and one organization (yes, just one), we tried A LOT of things to grow. The key: don’t just focus your energy on growing, but on providing value to your subscribers, even if it’s just one.

Here are 3 things we learned:

Focus on a Single Audience

It’s crucial to align your content with what interests your audience. Do you want your donors to know what you’re doing? Or are you aiming at young people to boost their education?

At first, as Propel, we tried to write to EVERYONE at once (donors, partners, other subscribers). By understanding who we wanted to reach, we were able to enhance our content and see real results for our community.

Your Community is Your Best Ally

Every person who supports your organization is key. Lean on those connections to create valuable content: from interviewing them about their areas of expertise to asking for feedback.

From our mission to multiply the impact of social organizations, it has been others who can tell us about their day-to-day, how they implemented tools, or how they applied for a grant. The same can apply to your community of young people, students, or others.

Your Creativity is Your Superpower

Your newsletter doesn’t have to be just numbers or impact reports. Dare to be creative, play with formats, memes, GIFs, and your writing to create something new and attractive that still adds value but is easy to read.

Here are our three tips for attractive writing:

Use the KISS model (Keep It Sexy and Simple): Keep your writing direct to engage your readers with the topic you’re discussing.

Create direct subject lines: Make sure it’s short, specific, and contains a clear benefit that excites your subscribers.

Write as if you are telling a friend: Share the gossip as if you’re at a café with your friends.

Your newsletter is an incredible opportunity to strengthen your connections with your target audience. Dare to experiment and try new things to create the ideal format that helps you grow.

You can find more tips and resources for grants in our newsletter here.

Written by Alexandra Guerra.