Launching GrantBot to boost your fundraising

Boost your grant applications with our beta version of GrantBot here.

Raising funds can be a huge challenge for social organizations in Latin America: from preparing applications to finding the right calls for proposals. That's why we developed GrantBot, an AI assistant that writes successful grant applications.

GrantBot's use

With only 1% of the world's philanthropic capital invested in Latin America, lack of funding is a major challenge for organizations closing social gaps in the region and limiting their impact.

At Propel, we took on the task of identifying these barriers and supporting organizations in their applications. However, our capacity was limited when doing it in a personalized way.

By studying how to optimize processes with AI, our co-founder and COO, Maria Fernanda Sierra, and our data analyst, Rafael Cabrera, decided to develop GrantBot, a new GPT dedicated to creating and structuring narratives. Here are its functions:

• Boosting your fundraising process.

• Writing strong high-quality answers.

• Providing feedback on your writings.

Rafael tells us that GrantBot contains "a wide database of general information, but above all examples of successful application writing submitted by other organizations." Thus, by providing context about your organization and writing instructions, you'll get responses in minutes.

In our first pilot tests, 6 Propelers tried drafting their application questions with GrantBot. Andrea Escobar from Soydoy won a new grant for 10.500 USD and Oriana Torres from LALA joined a new Fellowship using our GPT for their applications.

This is an example that social organizations also deserve their space in the use of Artificial Intelligence and have the ability to employ cutting-edge technology. Maria Fernanda tells us:

"I am very proud that from Propel we can deliver an AI solution. We want to show that AI is indeed for social organizations in LatAm".

Now Propel's mission is to continue refining this solution and filling the database with more amazing grants that can support the work of social organizations throughout Latin America.

Try the beta version of GrantBot here and boost your grant applications.

Written by Alexandra Guerra.