Meet the new Propel cohort

20 social leaders join the Propel Community to enhance their impact in Latin America.

At Propel, we provide digital tools to boost the impact of the most important social organizations in Latin America. Now, it’s time for Cohort 6. From 8 countries, the new fellows are driving incredible initiatives from promoting education in vulnerable communities in Mexico to including deaf-mute people in Colombia.

Meet the new fellows

• Alba Carrasco

Executive director, Ixcanul Foundation 🇲🇽

Promoting art and cinema as tools to transform lives and defend human rights.

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• Ana Peters

General Director, EFFETA ABP 🇲🇽

Developing educational solidarity projects for young people in vulnerable communities.

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• Banesa Farfan

CEO, Ñañaykuna 🇵🇪

Promoting gender equality and cultural identity in vulnerable communities in Peru.

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• Carolina Lopez 

Quality Management Coordinator, FESCO Foundation 🇨🇴

Creating projects for the development of children as peacebuilding agents.

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• Christian Lantan

Sales and Marketing Specialist, 1bot S.A. 🇬🇹

Boosting the future of students in Guatemala through robotics education.

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• Diana Crousillat

Executive Director, OLI Foundation 🇵🇪

Supporting initiatives for equal opportunities throughout Peru with connections and support to reduce poverty in the country.

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• Emely Condor

Co-Founder & CEO, SAPHI-QUECHUA 🇵🇪

Revaluingthe Quechua language and Andean worldview as pillars of Peruvian culture.

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• Juan Murillo

CEO, Asociación Incubadora de Liderazgos Más Costa Rica 🇨🇷

Building the capacities of the next generation of Costa Rican political leaders.

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• Julián Arredondo 

Genera Director, ICAL Foundation 🇨🇴

Providing specialized health services for people with hearing disabilities in Colombia.

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• Laura Dell

Development & Communications Manager, ConnectED 🇬🇹

Enhacing access to quality education for young people in rural communities in Central America.

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• Lina Herrera

Manager of Development & Strategic Partnerships, LALA - Latin American Leadership Academy 🇨🇴

Developing leadership skills in young people as drivers of change in the region.

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• Lucero Andaluz

Co-founder & Executive Director, De-Mentes 🇵🇪

Raising awareness in communities about mental health to reduce stigmas in Peru.

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• Luis Fernando Molano

Resource Managment Coordinator, Proyecto Utopía 🇨🇴

Providing accessible higher education in rural communities in Colombia.

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• Luz Neira

Founder, Doctor Clown 🇨🇴

Using laughter therapy in pedagogical, educational, and recreational services to improve the health of thousands of people in Colombia.

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• María Tejedo 

Educational Programs Director, Becar Foundation 🇲🇽

Enhacing the personal development of young people through quality comprehensive education in Mexico.

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• Mercedes Navarrete

Regional Director of Communications, Glasswing International 🇸🇻

Empowering communities to lead education and health initiatives throughout El Salvador.

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• Monica Cinco

General Director, Educa Mexico Foundation A.C. 🇲🇽

Strengthening schools through funding, teacher training, and projects in Mexico.

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• Olivia de Bedout 

International Relations Assitstant, Bive 🇨🇴

Providing access to health services in rural communities in Colombia through technology.

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• Paola Ponciano

Country Director, Educación para Compartir 🇪🇨

Enhacing education through games in vulnerable communities and train teachers to teach through play.

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Written by Alexandra Guerra.