Propel in Colombia: Connecting in community

We know coffee is served hot and best enjoyed in good company. That’s why we gathered at the Propel @Bogotá breakfast with our community of leaders from Colombia.

Propel @Bogotá

At Propel @Bogotá, we met with over 20 social leaders and global partners to reconnect with our community. With coffee and toast, we discussed their challenges and experiences in the social sector.

We heard inspiring stories of digitalization and impact from Jeison Pulido from Bive con Bienestar and Giulio Caratelli from El Origen. Additionally, Hellen Alvarado from 60 Decibels presented the main findings of our collaborative study “The Digital Profile of the LatAm Social Sector 2024” to highlight the need for technology and the great potential of social organizations to boost their work.

In the "Connect the Propel Way" activity, we shared challenges in using new technology in social organizations and built ideas to face these challenges.

The atmosphere was full of energy and connection. Like Doctor Clown, who with her colorful outfit and red nose filled us with joy, or Fabrina Acosta from EvasyAdanes, who bravely shared her own doubts on the path of social leadership. Fabrina shares with us:

“At Propel, I learned that as organizations we resist digital, but it’s an infinite space of possibilities to keep impacting communities and transforming socially".

Sharing with our Colombian community was more than just a morning. We felt the passion they dedicate to their projects and the incredible work of the country’s social leaders. We left with a strong desire to meet again and a new reminder of the strength of the Latin American Social Sector.

Learn more about the work of our community here.

Written by Ketly Bautista. Edited by Alexandra Guerra.