Propel in Mexico: A morning for digitalization + impact

We were in Mexico connecting with over 40 social leaders to share how digital tools boost our social organizations. Here are 3 takeaways:

Propel Community in CDMX

• The power of digitalization

At every event, we are reminded of the potential of technology to do more with less and focus on what matters: the communities.

According to the Digital Profile of the Social Sector 2024, only 16% of social organizations use digital tools to communicate and collaborate. This is a reminder of the great work that still needs to be done for organizations across Latin America to enhance their work.

Carina from Propel explains Propel's mission to digitalize more organizations

• The innovation within the community

Nothing inspires us more than hearing the leadership experiences of our community. Regina Paredes, a fellow from Propel Cohort 5 and CEO of Muevetex, shared how her mobile app is improving public transportation in Toluca, making life easier and safer for thousands of people.

Also, Berenice Luján, a fellow from Cohort 6 and Fundraising Manager at EDUCA, shared her journey of transitioning to a digital mindset, showing how the adoption of new technologies is revolutionizing her nearly 30-year-old educational organization.

These stories are a reminder that digital transformation is a great opportunity to enhance our work, in all types of organizations.

Berenice presenting her story working at EDUCA

• The strength in listening

One of the most valuable moments of our community events is the "Connect the Propel Way" dynamic. In these circles, three Propelers come together to discuss their digital challenges.

Each leader shares their challenges to receive personalized advice from other leaders and design a three-step actionable plan to implement immediately.

Groups at the "Connect the Propel Way" dynamic

We love seeing our community strengthen in every corner of Latin America. If you are interested in being part of this community of over 100 social leaders, our Propel Fellowship waitlist is open here.

Written by Alexandra Guerra.