Regina Paredes transforms public transportation in Mexico

Regina, a fellow from Cohort 5 of the Propel Fellowship and founder of Muevetex, is driving change in the public transportation system in Toluca with her new app to facilitate the mobility of Mexicans.

Regina at the official launch of the Muevetex App

From the metropolitan area of Toluca, Regina experienced the deficiencies of the public transportation system in her city. From little information about alternative routes to unannounced delays, these issues posed significant risks for those frequently traveling alone.

In Mexico, the situation is critical. Over 60% of Mexicans consider it unsafe to live in their city*; the most common crimes are fraud, theft, or assault on the street and public transportation. For women, the risks of kidnapping and sexual violence crimes are higher.

Regina founded Muevetex in 2020, a social enterprise dedicated to providing key information for public service use. She shares her experiences:

"Not knowing the routes led me to take 2-hour trips that could have been 30 minutes. There was a lack of communication for users to understand how to move around better".
Muevetex App

They innovated with an app as a direct channel between public transportation users, service providers, and the Government. However, it was a big challenge: "not even the Government had the official number of routes."

Muevetex launched a collaborative mapping campaign with frequent public transportation users. With this, they digitalized 97% of all active routes in Toluca and created their information and support website as a pilot project.

Regina joined the Propel Fellowship in 2023 for Cohort 5. She believes that Propel provided a “different approach from any other program” and helped her refine her plans for the new stage Muevetex was entering. She comments:

"Propel offers an interesting perspective. The most valuable thing was the community dynamics, where I could integrate more with new leaders".
Muevetex App Launch

On April 17, they launched their official mobile app with new features created with feedback from their more than 30,000 users, who have made over 150,000 inquiries to find the best routes for mobility.

Thanks to their work, they have received state and global recognitions. They won the “Con Todo” Acceleration Program from the Mexiquense Institute of Entrepreneurs, the Rediseña Edomex Award, and Regina was chosen as an Active Citizen by the British Consulate.

Now, Muevetex seeks to take this project to more areas in Latin America, where improving public transportation services is also urgent. Support their cause here.

Despite the challenges, Regina has driven a great solution for key issues that are often overlooked in Mexico. She believes:

"Even if working in the social sector is an emotional roller coaster, giving something that I once needed too makes me feel it’s worth it".

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*Source: National Institute of Statistics and Geography.

Written by Alexandra Guerra.