Tech talent with purpose

Strengthening the digital capabilities of the social sector in Latin America is crucial. But it’s not an easy task. At Propel, we connect tech talent with social causes to boost them through our Skill Based Volunteering program.

90-minute event with PagerDuty

Together with talent from companies and universities, we help social leaders solve the most critical challenges of their organizations. Yasmin Campos, leader of this program, describes it like this:

"There are two individuals: one passionate about social causes and with the knowledge to support them, and an organization eager to connect with that talent. We are the bridge that helps them collaborate together".

We have connected tech companies like Zoom, Twilio, and PagerDuty to share their expert perspectives in our 90-minute events. These are inspirational sessions where leaders gain new ideas and actionable steps to solve operational challenges in their organizations.

There are also personalized mentorships, where we connect organizations with students from various fields for 10 weeks to create projects based on their areas of expertise.

What excites us: In these spaces, social leaders form genuine and valuable connections with volunteers from around the world. Our Skill Based Volunteering Officer, Nicolle Sandoval, shares:

"It’s an opportunity for professionals from companies and students to step out of their comfort zones and embark on a journey with organizations where they can get involved for much more than those 90 minutes".

The case of the Santa Isabel Foundation in Colombia is a great example. A group of Twilions connected with the Executive Director of the organization, Maria Claudia Sarta, and designed a strategy that boosted their fundraising.

Twilions Volunteering with Santa Isabel Foundation

At Propel, we want to connect the best talent with the most important causes in Latin America. If you are a tech company or a university, apply to our program here.

Written by Alexandra Guerra.